Music is Medicine.

No More Roads

music & lyrics by Sarah Elizabeth Burkey copyright 2007
from the album Don't Die Yet

there ain't no roads named after me and my kin
we don't own nothing now and we never did
my ancestors teach me the old ways
in the river bottoms where the cypress knees age

they wanna build more roads and steal more land
they'll pass it into law as fast as they can
they'll turn your barn into a fast food stop
they think concrete is the best cash crop

they call my home a depressed region
cause there's no golf course and no mall for shopping
they cut the trees and poison the food
no more nature just a human zoo

with concrete floors and iron bars
take pride in pollution with expensive wars
when there's no life left to use and abuse
they'll develop the moon and ruin it too

they use the news to make us scared
and steal our right to breathe clean air
they change our town til it looks like theirs
and make us slaves to their wealthy heirs

but strength and spirit ain't bought or sold
and time spent with you is worth more than gold